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Auckland Basketball Introduction

Auckland Basketball Introduction

Awesome Waharoa Art Work

Waharoa Dedication

Trillian Trek Cars Arrive

Happy birthday Aaidyn!

Making Periscopes

As a culminating Inquiry Task the children are building periscopes. Firstly they researched how to make them and the science behind how they work. Now they are building them! ⚓⚓

Te Reo Maori Learning

Every day (give or take) the children of Room 13 follow an on-line programme teaching them Te Reo Maori

Reading Rotation - WALT question

Nikoli from St. John's Ambulance

Room 13 and 14

Middle School Aerobics

Learning about writing checklists

Testing Convex and Concave lenses

Student-led 6 x tables competition

Maths tables practice

Cross Country

ESOL Children working with Crystals

These two children working on the subject of Light and Colour through the making of crystals

WAL about Reflection

NED Show

Brain Fireworks

NED Show