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Showing posts from March, 2017

Caught Being Good

Well done Romeo-King for "Having a Growth Mindset and demonstrating excellent Learning Habits"

Room 13 receive their Duffy Books

Play Time Creativity

Squares Group - WALT round and compensate

Writing - WALT write topic sentences followed by 3 sentences of detail

The children are writing about three people in Room 13.  They firstly introduce the person followed by adding three sentences that add detail.

Reading Tumble - WALT find the author's meaning

Selling Raro for Zoo Trip

Amber-Serene, Romeo-King, Diamond and Siana selling Raro for Room 13

Reading Rotation

The Quills Group - WALT find the author's meaning

The Animal Kingdom

The children in Room 13 (and the Middle School) are studying the Animal Kingdom.  Our topic project is based around an animal of choice. The children have learned about: the animal; its classification; its ecosystem; and key words and facts related to their animal. Now they are creating the final product - an animal art work with the Information Report styled information on the work.


After 2nd Break on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  we do handwriting

Swimming Time - WALT to float to save ourselves

We are learning to float so if we were caught in a rip we could remain calm and be rescued. The photo below is of our successful "floaters"

Room 13 Library Time

Every Wednesday morning Room 13 visits the library to browse and issue new books.