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Topic Sentences with Detail on Google Docs

Mr. Narot (RTLB) working with the Year 3 writers

Static Electricity Demo in MS Assembly

Random Play Doh Face by Kenneith

AFF Football Week 2

Practising skills in Small Sided Games

Static Electricity Science Discovery

Room 13 Participating in AFF Football in Schools

Mrs Malloy helping the Squares Group become familiar with Measurement language

Learning the time with Mrs Kung

Year 3 JAM Math Test

Tikitiki completing his Year 3 JAM test

Room 13 Playing 'Bomb' Before School

Year 3 Children working with RTLB Mr. Narot - Writing

More Photos of the Zoo Trip

Zoo Trip

Lace Monitor

Zoo Trip

Zoo Trip

Leabank Middle School's Zoo Trip

The introduction

Bus Stop Activity - What do we know about Electricity and Magnetism?

The children are participating in a prior knowledge bus-stop activity to see what we already know about Electricity and Magnetism - our new unit study.